Hall C – Afternoon Sessions

/Hall C – Afternoon Sessions

14:00-16:00 Competitive Paper & Video

Judges: Nirmal Frederick, Mallika Goyal, K.B. Nandkishore

Oral Presentations:

14:00-14:06 Construction of three dimensional profile of tear lipid layer: A pilot study: Anuhya Nalluri

14:06-14:12 Our Experience with Simple Limbal epithelial transplantation: U.M.Vara Prasad Gajula

14:12-14:18 Rejection after Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty (DALK) – all is not lost!: Sravanthy Kotagiri

14:18-14:24 Role of Corneal biopsy in Microbiological Diagnosis of Deep Infective: Keratitis Dhanashree

14:24-14:30 Markers of good and suboptimal outcomes of thermal pulsation system (Lipiflow) – a 3 year study: Divya Reddy

14:30-14:36 Colour doppler study in patients of glaucoma at tertiary care centre: Mohit Khattri

14:36-14:42 Surgical results of congenital esotropia in a tertiary care eye center: Sai Rani Karanam

14:42-14:48 Pattern of Pediatric Case referrals of Tribal schools screening programme in Telanagana: Vijay Sarvepally

14:48-14:54 Case series of paediatric Central Retinal Artery Occulsion (CRAO): Krishnachaitanya Penmetsa

14:54-15:00 Manifestations and management of globe perforation in peribulbar anaesthesia: A case series: Navaneetha Devireddy

15:00-15:06 On the ball – A bubble to fix it all: Anupama Kalwad

Video Presentations:

15:06-15:14 AADI: New GDD on the block – low in cost but is it high in performance?: Vanita Pathak Ray

15:14-16:32 Recurrent Aqueous Misdirection: Can IZHV pass where PPV failed?: Vanita Pathak Ray

16:32 Award presentations for best free papers, video and posters


16:00-17:00 Specialty Contact Lenses
Moderator: Nagaraju Konda

16:00-16:30 Keynote address: Scleral Contact Lenses: Karen Carrasquillo

16:30-16:45 CL Fitting in Keratoconus: Nagaraju Konda

16:45-17:00 Contact Lenses in post refractive surgery: Kiran Challa


17:00-18:00 Master class: Refraction & Ophthalmic Dispensing
Moderator: Vijay Yelagondula

17:00-17:12 What are we lacking in sub refraction?: Vijay Yelagondula

17:12-17:24 Computer Vision Syndrome: P.S. Roopa Reddy

17:24-17:36 Role of blue light in Eyewear: Haresh Potluri

17:36-17:48 Current concepts in PALs: Srikanth Maseedupalli

17:48-18:00 Overview of ophthalmic lens dispensing in India: Ananthalakshmi