Hall C – Afternoon Sessions

/Hall C – Afternoon Sessions

14:00-15:30 VAST: Oculoplasty for Everyone – Surgery that Works
Chairs: Lakshmi Mahesh, Usha Kim, Vikas Menon

14:00-14:07 Enucleation with Implant – Surgery that Works: Tarjani Dave

14:07-14:14 Contracted Socket – Surgery that Works: Fairooz PM

14:14-14:21 DCR – Surgery that Works: Ekta Aggarwal

14:21-14:28 Orbitotomy – Surgery that Works: Santosh G Honavar

14:28-14:35 Senile Entropion of the Lower Eyelid – Surgery that Works: Modini Pandarpurkar

14:35-14:42 Cicatricial Entropion of the Upper Eyelid – Surgery that Works: Vikas Menon

14:42-14:49 Eyelid Reconstruction – Surgery that Works: Usha Kim

14:49-14:56 Congenital Ptosis – Surgery that Works: Lakshmi Mahesh

14:56-15:03 Acquired Ptosis – Surgery that Works: Shubhra Goel

15:03-15:10 Blepharoplasty – Surgery that Works: Kasturi Bhattacharjee

15:10-15:20 Keynote address: Complications of Eyelid Surgery: Guy Ben Simon

15:20-15:30 Discussion


15:30-17:00 VAST: Glaucoma Surgery – Step by Step
Chairs / Convener / Moderator: Anil Mandal/ Shalini Mohan / Sirisha Senthil / Vanita Pathak Ray 

15:30-15:45 How and when do you modify the surgical technique of trabeculectomy based on the indication? (Different techniques of trabeculectomy):  Sirisha Senthil

15:45-15:55 Role of releasable, laser suturelysis and bleb needling: Shalini Mohan

15:55-16:05 When do you decide to use 5FUs injection? When, how & how many do you give to revive a failing bleb? Nikhil Choudhari

16:05-16:15 Management of early post op bleb leak and post trabeculectomy choroidal detachment: Anil Mandal

16:15-16:25 Malignant glaucoma, how do you prevent it, when do you expect this complication, how do you treat it? Vanita Pathak-Ray

16:25-16:35 Cataract surgery in eyes with PACG: Precautions and tips: Shalini Mohan

16:35-16:45 How do you choose an ideal case for valved and non valved glaucoma drainage implants? Vanita Pathak-Ray

16:45-17:00 Interaction


17:00-18:00 Capsule – MSICS
Chairs: K. Madhavi Rao, K. Anuradha, Priya Desai

17:00-17:12 Keynote address: MSICS for the Phaco Surgeon: Haggay Avizemer

17:12-17:24 Wound Construction, Capsule Management and Hydro Procedures: K. Anuradha

17:24-17:32 Nucleus and Cortex Management: Madhu Uddaraju

17:32-17:39 MSICS in Compromised Corneas: Rishi Swarup

17:39-17:46 MSICS – The Saviour Many a Times: K. Madhavi Rao

17:46-17:53 MSICS-TRAB : Tips and Tricks: M. Malleswari

17:53-18:00 LIG – Favourable Outcomes with MSICS: K. Rama Krishna