Don’t Miss This Prestigious Event again – Attend HOA Vista India

//Don’t Miss This Prestigious Event again – Attend HOA Vista India

Kenes Exhibitions is proud to announce that HOA Vista 2018 opened its doors at the HITEX Exhibition grounds on Friday 16 November.  The HOA Vista 2018 Congress is the first Ophthalmology and Optometry Congress and Exhibition in Hyderabad, India to transition from a national meeting to an international meeting and it was greeted with much enthusiasm by delegates.

In support of improving patient care, the HOA Vista Event is jointly accredited by the Hyderabad Ophthalmologists’ Association (HOA) and the Optometry Association of Telangana (OAT) to provide continuing education for doctors, students and companies representatives in the respective fields of Cornea and External Eye Disease, Retina and Retinal Disorders, Neuro-Ophthalmology, Cataract, Ocular Oncology, Glaucoma and more.

The congress opened with 3 parallel Master Class sessions + 2 parallel Wet Lab sessions, A steady stream of delegates moved through the exhibition area, the poster area and into their choice of session hall where, after listing to experts in their respective fields, were able to initiate discussions with their peers.

One of the highlights of the day was the Live Surgery session. Switching filming between 2 different hospitals for live streaming operations went without a hitch and gave many delegates the opportunity to watch master surgeons at work throughout the 5-hour session. with detailed explanations and running commentaries from the teams in the different theatres.

They day ended with the High Tea Meet and Greet where delegates and faculty enjoyed meeting old friends and making new acquaintances.

Day 2 continued with parallel sessions and wet lab sessions, all of a high standard and well attended.

During the Inauguration Plenary session, Dr. Rishi Swarup, Secretary of HOA and Scientific Program Secretary of HOA Vista 2018 invited the following dignitaries to the stage:

Dr. Manoj Mathur, President HOA and Chair Scientific Program; Dr Haggay Avizemer; International Co Chair VISTA, Dr KB Nand Kishore, President Elect HOA; Mr. Nagesh Vippula, President OAT; Ms Prema Zilberman, General Manager, Kenes Exhibitions and Prof. Harminder Dua, Star Guest and Orator.

Dr. Mathur delivered the welcome speech after which all the Dignitaries joined together in the traditional “Lighting of the Lamp” ceremony.

Following the address by Dr. Haggay Avizemer, Mementos were presented to the International Guest Faculty from the HOA Vista Organizing Committee.

The session concluded with the HOA Narendra Swarup Oration delivered by Prof. Harmindar Singh Dua.

The afternoon sessions included an amusing  fun and scientific session – the long standing tradition of the Hyderabad Ophthalmic League (HOL) session was the highlight of Day 2. Four competing teams each presented experiences from their surgeries with videos that were entertaining, hilarious and scientifically gifted. Amid hoots of laughter from the audience, heckling from the competitive teams and very loud music, the judges were hard pressed to decide on the winning team. Delegates enjoyed the antics just as much as the competitors.

During the rest of the afternoon the HOA Vista Scientific members were kept busy with the different competitions for the JAM (Just a Minute) Session, the Competitive Paper and Video session and the poster judging. Awards were handed to the winners at the end of the JAM session and the Paper, Video and Poster awards at the end of the Competitive Paper & Video session.

The day ended with superb food and company at the Beer and Biryani party.

Day 3 continued with 5 parallel sessions in the morning. The Exhibition Hall enjoyed a steady stream of visitors and one of the highlights of the day was the Cataract Sunday Symposium.

Closing the day’s events and signaling the close of the congress was the “OPTO Quiz” session. Once sessions were completed, exhibitors began dismantling booths and still delegates were standing in groups chatting, sharing information and in general enjoying the company of friends from different towns and cities.

Just how influential were these year’s HOA Vista attendees and their companies?  Watch this short video and photos to get the facts and figures on this year’s event and why you should not pass up this once-a-year opportunity to stand out as you show your support for the industry’s most outstanding achievements. Explore and learn more about the event in the HOA VISTA GALLERY.

Join us for the next exiting edition in the field of Ophthalmology and Optometry. We are really looking forward to this opportunity to serve our growing population in the medical field. Don’t miss the chance to join us next year!