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About HOA-VISTA Congress 

HOA–VISTA 2018 is an annual event with the aim of ensuring that the latest information in medical management and surgical procedures will become easily accessible to all participants.

The study and science of Ophthalmology, over the last three decades has evolved significantly and has contributed to reduction of blindness in a major way. The evolution, of many new molecules in medical management and also the latest surgical procedures, has gone a long way in enhancing the quality of life for many.

This 3-day congress and exhibition is filled with lectures from esteemed local and international experts in the field, all willing to share knowledge and up-to-date practices used globally.

The attending delegates will receive the best of scientific content both in theory and practical pearls to further refine their professional skills in their practice.

In addition, participants will have access to the B2B networking platform that will enable interested parties to set up meetings with potential future partners and collaborators.


  • 3 – Day Exhibition: 16-18 NOVEMBER 2018
  • 3 – Day Conference: 16-18 NOVEMBER 2018
  • This event is under the auspices of Hyderabad Ophthalmologists’ Association
  • This event is intended to be a State-of-the-Art Academic Feast with a blend of Practical Science and camaraderie with fraternity and friends
  • Around 700 delegates apart from trade fraternity is expected to participate
  • Interactive sessions during the International Conference
  • Business Networking that can lead to relevant referral businesses
  • A great opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate the products directly


  • Basic sciences & Optometry
  • Glaucoma
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Neuro-Ophthal
  • Surgical Complications
  • Challenging Cases
  • Cataract
  • 3D oculoplasty show
  • Cornea
  • Pediatric ophthalmology
  • Competitive video and free paper presentations

About Hyderabad

Situated in the southern part of Telangana in southeastern India, Hyderabad is 1,566 kilometres (973 mi) south of Delhi, 699 kilometres (434 mi) southeast of Mumbai, and 570 kilometres (350 mi) north of Bangalore by road. Hyderabad  is located on the banks of the Musi River and on the Deccan Plateau. Greater Hyderabad covers 650 km2 (250 sq mi), making it one of the largest metropolitan areas in India.

Hyderabad is often referred to by many different names, such as, the City of Pearls, the City of Nawabs, the Biryani City and, due to its high-tech growth, Cyberabad.

Hyderabad has become the country’s center for scientific and technological development not only in IT infrastructure but also in pharmaceutical and science research industries. To say that Hyderabad is the financial and technological capital of the state of Telangana is not a rumor; it is a fact supported annually by the many international technological firms that call the city their home. Foremost of these is the development of HITEC City which stands for Hyderabad Information Technology Engineering Consultancy City. It is a major technology township that has become the center of information technology industry in Hyderabad. Composed of several campuses and phases, HITEC City has residential areas where the IT professionals can live, as well as convention centers and malls. Several multinational IT giants have made the City their base of operations in India, including Accenture, Oracle, Verizon, Microsoft, IBM, Google & Facebook.